Intro By MOORE

Hello. I’m the late Charles Moore. I’m the “M” in MLTW and the fun one in the group. I’m filling in for the late Al Boeke while he attends to more important matters.

The editors at The Sea Ranch Reader asked me to write an introduction to their website. I read their work and, while it’s not in the same league as my review of Disneyland, I reluctantly agreed to write something brief.

The Sea Ranch Reader is an exciting new periodical that explores The Sea Ranch, its inhabitants, and how they live.

The Sea Ranch Reader’s ample staff publish investigative and editorial articles inspired by The Sea Ranch Listserv, The Sea Ranch Association Board of Director’s meetings, and wild tales from the horse’s mouth.

Please don’t be upset with me if the editors get the details wrong. I have nothing to do with their droning and self-indulgent enterprise. Plus, I never cared for your righteous indignation anyway.

Best Wishes,

The Late Charles Moore

Charles Moore

Featured House of the MOnth


“This is a big house designed to accommodate the lifestyles of newer Sea Ranch residents and renters who love to watch TV and drink wine. The structure is built parallel to the bluff trail so that passers-by can observe the Krebs on their couch, watching TV and drinking wine. The structure is a gray utilitarian box with a roof that slopes away from NW wind to capture as much of it as possible. White gypsum interior walls reflect light from nearly 400 recessed LED lights (and the TV) into outdoor space, blinding neighbors and any potential security threats. The interior is finished with black and white photographs of The Sea Ranch.”

– Janet Farmer, Professor of Architecture at Point Arena High School

The Krebs House