TSR Listserv Summary: Week of July 3rd

Everyone fought for the last word on the Listserv last week.

One Listserv community member claimed to have discovered the boundary conditions between an “attack” and a “criticism” in a connotative way that transcends phenomenological dimensions of valence or arousal. Within this new framework, calling someone an “asshole” is an attack. “You don’t know what you are talking about,” is mere critique.

Critiques on other members of the Listserv last week included the following:

  • “I find your suggestion… ironic”
  • “Your suggestion is arbitrary and capricious”
  • “Do you also believe that Donald Trump’s landslide victory was stolen from him?”
  • “You appear unaware”
  • “Maybe you missed…”
  • “There is something breathtaking about [you] using the bully pulpit”
  • “There is something breathtaking about a pretentious academic…”
  • “I find it amusing that someone who [provides resume highlights on the Listserv] would have the audacity to call someone pretentious”
  • “When arguing with an idiot, it is best to stand idly by”
  • “You do the cause of feminism a great disservice”
  • “I don’t know why I have to explain these things to you”

If people that live near The Sea Ranch airstrip thought the nearby solar array was loud, wait until commercial aircraft start landing there.

The Listserv emulated the style of George Lucas movies’ climactic third acts early in the week. Those movies end with 3 separate, but temporally and thematically overlapping action scequences comprising an overall action narrative (e.g., one involving hand-to-hand combat/swordplay/lasers, one space ship battle, and someone sneaking around trying to turn something on or off, all at the same time, in order to destroy something). In this case, the overarching action narrative was “who will replace the departing board member?”, which involved three simultaneous action scenes: 1) an exploration of the board members do not support a CC&R amendment prohibiting the sale of downed redwoods, 2) combat between one board member and a host of others about whether or not that board member or another entity known as “The Sea Ranch Attorney” authored an email and 3) a barrage of unsolicited opinions on the best way to select an interim board member.

Unlike George Lucas movies, the climactic battle ended without resolution.

One member said you don’t have to travel far from The Sea Ranch to find right-leaning, gun-owning, religious fanatics. They are everywhere east of us, they said, except downtown Davis and Sacramento.

Everyone agreed that the Seventh Day Adventist fliers found in their PO boxes about God’s weekend plans were categorically unwanted.

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