TSR Listserv Summary: Week of September 18th

There was an abundance of participation and generosity on the Listserv last week.

Someone saw a “badger-like creature with a straight tail” in their yard and wrote that it was “never seen before.” Several other Listserv members were quick to reply, “do you really think you’re the first person to ever see a badger?”

We are kidding with you. It wasn’t that kind of week on the Listserv. Nobody said anything disparaging. Instead, several Listserv members correctly identified it as an otter.

But it was that kind of week during the previous week. On that week, someone said the design rules pertaining to hiding cars from sight were “pretentious” and “unnecessary” and that the TSRA security once harassed them for parking their Honda Odyssey in plain view. Someone else said that they doubted the TSRA security would harass them about this and that the complainer had two options: get the rules changed or move elsewhere.

But the following week, the week we’re talking about, everyone got along quite well.

At 9:24 AM on September 18th, someone noted that the power was out near unit 24. That person wasn’t alone. Two others noted that it was also off near units 31 and 13. By 12:52 PM, it was back on near unit 13.

The following were provided, gratis, on the Listserv:

  • Recommendations on where to to find edible food for someone “stuck” in Sebastopol
  • Recommendations on which car services to use when wine tasting in Napa
  • Three articles on climate policy
  • A rowing machine
  • Recommendations about whether or not a member should acquire a glass-top range
  • Education on how wind affects ocean surface texture
  • A “teacher’s” desk
  • A picture of a couch that a friend was selling
  • A gallon of deck stainer
  • A table made in China

One member shared a Washington Post article about California not having the infrastructure to store its solar-generated energy at night– right when we need electricity the most. No fewer than 11 additional people replied with a range of perspectives. One was about the dozens of potentially flammable Tesla batteries out in the meadows surrounded by wooden fences (i.e., cars parked in driveways). Another member replied to the comment about the Tesla batteries and told that person to “shut [their] filthy little hole.”

We’re kidding again. It wasn’t that kind of week. In reality, someone merely replied, “priceless.”

Fleeting power was on everyone’s mind last week. On Tuesday, September 27th at 1:11 PM someone pointed out that there was a planned PG&E outage that day that hadn’t yet occurred. By 1:33 PM it hadn’t happened in either the southern tip of The Sea Ranch or around unit 19. At 2:15 PM, someone wrote that the power had gone out. At 3:25 PM, someone confirmed that it was out near Sorcerer Wood (ed. note., yes, that’s an actual street name here for the uninitiated). At 3:26 PM someone said that their power went off at 2:17 PM. At 3:42 PM the power had been out at unit 19 for about an hour. Also at 3:42 PM, power was out south of Ohlsen. At 5:29 PM, it was back on again near unit 30. At 10:19 PM someone said that their power went out at 2:44 PM near unit 18.

On Thursday the 29th, someone posted a video of a domesticated cat found underneath their porch. They wrote, “I found this cat underneath by porch and brought her inside for safety. I also have horrible cat allergies and if nobody claims her within 24 hours I will have to shave it.” Nobody replied.

But of course that didn’t happen. It was a cruelty-free week on the Listserv.

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