TSR Listserv Summary: Week of May 30th

There were plenty of hot takes on the Listserv this week.

This week someone accused two Sea Ranchers of suppressing diversity on the board of directors. Some called the accuser’s claims outrageous while others said the accuser brought a diverse opinion to the conversation, if nothing else, and that the accuser should not be ostracized. The meaning of diversity on The Sea Ranch board was further discussed.

Someone accused a specific member of misogyny. The accused replied by asking if they were, in fact, misogynistic.

A ton of opinions were shared about how to properly hire the next community manager, although it was unclear if any discussants had ever hired a community manager before.

Someone didn’t know where the Hot Spot was and two people shared stories of how foggy the 1970s were. Someone else said the ‘Hot Spot’ is named so, because it was once righteous for fishing steelhead.

Someone accidentally replied to the entire Listserv, asking to be removed from the Listserv. Another community member told the offender to read the instructions of every TSR listserv message footer and try again.

Someone said that they and another Sea Rancher would be out of town this week and not responding to posts on the Listserv. Someone replied, “good riddance”, more-or-less. Another praised the out-of-towner’s past comments about music.

A debate emerged about whether the Listserv should be moderated or, at a minimum, whether anonymous posts should be banned. Someone called anonymous posters cowards. Someone who was not anonymous said they weren’t a coward and encouraged other community members to Google their email address to learn more about them online. A quick Google search of their email address provided 0 results, which was the first time I’d ever seen this happen.

Nobody seemed happy about the board results.

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