The Evolving Demography of The Sea Ranch, CA

The editors of The Sea Ranch Reader were kind enough to prepare a high-level summary of the 2020 Census results at The Sea Ranch, CA. It’s a lot of data to comb through, so please thank them the next time you see them knocking back pina coladas at the Lodge.

No matter how you slice the data, one thing is very clear: The Sea Ranch isn’t becoming any more diverse. But it’s more opinionated than ever.

The results are positively fascinating. Let’s dig in!

Most Common Professions In The Sea Ranch

Replace “unpaid dog walker” with “specialist physician in private practice”, and this looks identical to Marin County’s professional composition

The Sea Rancher Diet (Average Percent of Total Caloric Intake, Controlling for Age and Gender)

The average body mass of the average sea rancher is 60% buttermilk dressing from most salads and entrees at The Sea Ranch Lodge

Most Cited Existential Threats to the Community

Community concerns vary wildly by resident age

Race and Origin

The Sea Ranch Reader editors were initially surprised to discover that every single Sea Rancher checked the “some other race” box in the race and ethnicity part of the census questionnaire.

Actual response from one “cute” Sea Rancher

We asked the U.S. Census bureau if checking the “other” box is an emerging trend extending beyond The Sea Ranch’s borders.

A spokesperson replied and said this is an “unprecedented result” and is obviously just a bunch of people “trying to be cute.” According to her, the results reflect a blatant disregard for the societal benefits of an accurate US Census and are “borderline irresponsible.”

The Sea Ranch Reader editors were less surprised when they dug into the data. Here’s what The Sea Ranch residents reported:

The results left our editors speechless


We know this isn’t as good as the first Listserv summary. The late Al Boeke told us to tell you that he just… doesn’t… care.

It’s called, “setting a low bar.”

You’re Welcome,

The Sea Ranch Reader Editorial Staff

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