TSR Listerv Summary: Week of June 6th

The TSR Listserv was civilized this week until it wasn’t.

A hunky buck was photographed outside of a The Sea Ranch home. Community members swooned, calling it “magnificent”, “stunning” and “beautiful.” Someone replied and said that it was a 4-point buck here in California, but would be considered an 8-point buck if you lived east of a specific part of North Dakota. Someone else said it would be an 8-point buck in New York. Everyone agreed that it was either a 4-point buck or an 8-point buck, depending on where you were. But it was unclear how many points it would have if the picture was taken in California, but the person looking at the picture was in New York.

Someone suggested that the BOD is too focused on year-to-year administration and needed a bigger, bolder, and longer-term set of priorities. Someone suggested that The Sea Ranch desperately needs a refreshed vision. Several community members shared their own lengthy vision statements in quick succession, betraying the fact they must have been written in advance of this specific thread and begged the question: how many of us Sea Ranchers have written our own, private TSR vision statements, waiting until this exact type of moment to share them?

The difference between goals, a vision, a vision statement and a mission statement were discussed in detail before someone else said the BOD already had an ongoing vision committee.

Everyone agreed that nobody else understands what “living lightly on the land” really means, but that an originalist interpretation of The Sea Ranch CC&Rs is desirable.

Someone almost fell for a phishing scam.

Someone’s last name was misspelled.

A cautious community member asked if it was possible to walk a bike through one of the tunnels connecting both sides of the links course underneath Highway 1. Someone said that those two tunnels cost $1M to build in the 1990s. It was ultimately decided that, yes, it is okay to walk a bike through the tunnel, but anyone doing so should beware motorized golf carts.

The advantages of regulating consumer electronics cables were briefly discussed. Someone shared a picture of a USB-B cable and suggested that, if there had been regulation, we’d all be using those to charge our phones right now. Someone else pointed out that the USB-B cable is, in fact, a printer cable. The size of mobile phones in the 1990s were considered.

Community members shared the history of the complicated term, “Boardwatch”, which was either introduced in the 1980s or 1990s. An image of a well-designed 1992 Boardwatch newsletter was shared. The number one Boardwatch complaint in 1992: BOD meetings did not start on time.

One community member questioned the sanity and civility of the people who call for sanity and civility on the BOD.

The televised hearings on the Jan 6th insurrection were discussed. During one exchange, someone suggested that the Democratic Party should focus more on winning elections and less on investigations. A second community member pointed out that Joe Biden won the presidential election in 2020 and asked if the first member was aware of Biden’s presidency. A third community member observed this interaction and said, “boom!”

Someone shared a cartoon comparing the DOJ’s response to the Jan. 6th insurrections with the impotent law enforcement response in Ulvade. A second community member offered the following joke: “I thought the cartoon was about the [protesters] in Portland and Seattle.” The person who shared the cartoon accused the second community member of “smoking crack.” The second community member replied that this was impossible because they “don’t even smoke.”

Someone pointed out that nobody had sent any Listerv messages all day on Thursday, which was celebrated.

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