TSR Listerv Summary: Week of June 19th

People were angry about how angry others were this week.

An event with a ton of tents was held at the Lodge. The event was either a wedding or a meeting for the Oceanic Football League, but ultimately turned out to be an event hosted by a venture capital firm for their portfolio company founders.

The Sea Ranch residents who purchased homes while the The Sea Ranch Lodge was closed for renovations were surprised they could hear amplified music from the Lodge event.

How could the Lodge get away with something so gauche? Could TSR security intervene? Or maybe the California Coastal Commission?

Longtime residents said that loud music has always been played at the Lodge and that it is “private property” anyway.

One resident said that everyone’s misery about the Lodge event was making them miserable.

For the first time in a long time, everyone agreed on something: closing auto access to the boat ramp at Shell Beach is a stupid idea.

A man with white and pink hair was seen walking up Annapolis road with a stuffed octopus in his hand.

Someone said that the number of smokers and off-leash dogs on trails was getting out of hand and asked for “creative solutions” to educate short-term renters and guests. A second person who owns a vacation rental home told the first person that the solution was to “exhale” and chill out. A third person called the first person a “self-righteous windbag”.

Former Weekly Standard editor-in-chief, Bill Kristol, was identified as a conservative.

Someone decided it was time for a trivia game. They posted a picture of Golden State Warriors point guard, Steph Curry’s wife and asked, “who is this woman?” The general consensus was that it was Ayesha Curry, although one person’s answer was that was actually John Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen.

It was unclear if a popular contractor in the area had retired or if they were just avoiding someone.

A long thread emerged about the potential for civil war (again) in the United States. But nobody brought up the elephant in the room: who would win The Sea Ranch Civil War? And, if there was one, would it be a war of North vs. South? Or would it be East vs. West?

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