Postscript to The Sea Ranch Reader’s Guide to Mendonoma Grocery Stores

The Sea Ranch Reader editors have prepared the following statement for those who have communicated their concern about the Grocery Store post, and how it might be interpreted by the extra-The Sea Ranch community:

Thank you for comments about how insensitive The Sea Rancher Reader’s Guide to Mendonoma Grocery Stores is towards the exra-The Sea Ranch community along the Mendonoma coast. Feedback is a gift.

In the spirit of letting no gift go to waste, we pledge to continue our investigations into The Sea Rancher community, how they live, and the ongoing fight for the very soul of The Sea Ranch. Over the coming months, we commit to exploring the important issues you have raised, including:

  • How some The Sea Ranch community members believe the surrounding community lacks the sophistication and wit to understand the underlying absurdity or humor in The Sea Ranch Reader
  • How the very same The Sea Ranch community members are usually the object of the joke. The rest of the time, the editors are making fun of themselves.
  • How, given all of the feigned piety in the air, we will be producing an adaptation of the famous Moliere play, “Tartuffe at The Sea Ranch.” Keep your eye out for dates around Q4-2023.

We thank you for your contribution to our ongoing series of investigations.

You’re Welcome,
The Editors

The editors also asked us to remind you the non-satirical version of this post would be about how unaffordable many of these these stores are for the majority of Mendonoma residents. But, why let an honest discussion ruin a good time?

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