TSR Listserv Summary: Weeks of August 7th and 14th

Last week, questions were raised about “who’s really running things around here?”

None of the staff writers at The Sea Ranch Reader wanted to summarize the past few weeks of Listserv content.

Some people described recent “pfishing” scams they received in their email. Someone called those discussants “boomers” and applauded their “attempt to integrate hip vernacular into [their] tech vocab” by correcting their spelling of the term “phishing.” That same person, who signed their email with “smooches”, shared an article on the origins of the term “phishing” via an 80,890-character URL.

Someone accused foxes of laughing at them, an experience they found “inspiring.”

A very low-flying red, white and blue jet visited The Sea Ranch and Del Mar Marine Preserve. One Listserv member saw the jet take off from The Sea Ranch airstrip. Another member pointed out that the runway is too short for this type of jet. A third member shared the flight tracker for the jet, which took-off and landed in Santa Rosa. A fourth member said that they had seen that same jet take-off and land at The Sea Ranch airport many times before. Several other flight trackers were shared, showing that other jets had landed in Gualala that weekend. Everyone eventually agreed at the red, white and blue jet must have flown parallel to The Sea Ranch airstrip.

Several Sea Ranchers asked whether the absence of noise is classist, if not a tad racist.

At different times throughout the week, Listserv participants struggled to distinguish between connotation and denotation when discussing the dimensions of meaning for several words, including, “connected”, “networked”, and “literally.”

People were happy that John Oliver gave them a voice (and video clip) to explain why they were not in favor of carbon offset programs.

A multi-day discussion took place on the parliamentary procedures and the rules of engagement during The Sea Ranch Association board meetings. In question was whether it was wise, or even possible, to amend a motion with a different, but related motion. If a motion was amended with a different motion, even if it was a friendly amendment, which motion would take precedence? Most agreed that these types of amendments are at odds with the “one-thing-at-a-time principle.” Someone said that existing board of directors learn Robert’s Rules during the weekend, not just because it is necessary to avoid confusion, but because “it’s fun!”

The August 13th board of directors meeting was called, “a victory for the power elite”, “disturbing, and “dismaying.” Others said that these detractors were creating unnecessary division within the community. And why do they have to whine all the time anyway?

One Listserv discussant said that the appointment of an existing board member was “illegal” and recommended they resign. When the board member accused the discussant of repeated attacks, the discussant said they were merely making polite suggestions.

Many members asked why people keep re-opening old wounds about timber management at The Sea Ranch, especially when nobody’s suggesting we remove any redwoods at the moment? The results of the CC&R amendment vote about logging redwoods aren’t being read for another two weeks!

Someone finally mentioned The Sea Ranch Reader on the Listserv. What was the most satisfying part of that experience for us? When that one person said our commentary, “reeks of elitism.”

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