TSR Listerv Summary: Week of September 4th, 2022

Nobody argued on the TSR Listserv last week as much as they did the week before.

Listserv members were in week 2 of discussing the pros and cons of commercial aircraft operations at The Sea Ranch airstrip. Those either in favor or ambivalent about larger, louder planes and helicopters using the airstrip said the people who live by the airport knew what they were getting into when they purchased homes or lots there. One member said it’s nice that some people can afford to hire pilots to fly them to The Sea Ranch and, wouldn’t we all do that if we could?

Another member said that complaining about noise at the airstrip was analogous to complaining about the noise the cars make on highway 1 or the sounds the ocean makes.

One member told another member said they don’t give a “fig” whether two other members fly to Europe.

Someone posted a video they made of a Turboprop plane taking off from the airstrip onto YouTube. Another member watched it and replied that they were “less concerned” about the noise these planes produce after listening to the video, since the sound the plane made on the video was no louder than the loudest sound setting on their computer.

One member posted an image of a mountain lion in a meadow. A second member said that the image was of a bobcat, which is a very different species of cat than a mountain lion. The original poster said that they weren’t going to debate the issue, and that it was definitely a mountain lion.

Several TSRA members shared daytime high temperatures at their homes. None of the temperatures were exactly the same. But they were similar.

At 4:53 AM on Saturday, September 10th, the first email about the power outage appeared on the Listserv. By 7:15 AM, all potentially interesting screenshots of the PG&E Outage Alerts website had been shared.

A second home owner posted a Financial Times story with the headline, “Is Owning A Second Home Ethical?” Since nobody was willing get past the paywall and read the article, the question was left unanswered on the Listserv.

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