TSR Listserv Summary: Week of June 26th

Nobody was willing to be out-classed in positivity and generosity on the TSR Listerv last week.

A representative from The Sea Ranch Lodge sent an email to one resident, addressing the late-night noise at a prior event. The Lodge representative said they are “still learning” and will create an “action plan” moving forward. The Listserv community praised the communique, calling it “responsive”, “beautiful”, “wise”, “caring”, and “exciting.”

One member accidentally emailed a re-written version of a TSRA bylaw to the Listserv regarding elected director’s terms, clarifying what happens when a board member is replaced mid-cycle. The offender recognized the error, but took a chance and welcomed the Listserv community’s feedback anyway. An informal legal writing workshop ensued during the next 48 hours, with no fewer than 10 different versions offered by different Listserv participants. Each version had its own style, but also had identical denotation and connotation. It was unclear if any of the edits were seen by or considered by the bylaw authors.

Someone said that, according to an un-named source at TSR Security, only half of all CC&R violations are made by short-term renters.

The following items were offered to members of the Listserv, either gratis or at a much-reduced price: Tickets to the Mendocino Music Festival, a bag of dog food, tickets to the symphony and/or opera in Oslo, kayak carts, a chainsaw, a power washer, steel rods, glass lamp covers, closet doors, a very large wheel chock, cabinet panels, and a 6-foot tall statue of Buddha.

TikTokers were banging on resident’s windows again.

One member stated that there are three political typologies at The Sea Ranch: 1) a group that prioritizes the residents of The Sea Ranch, 2) a group that prioritizes the trees at The Sea Ranch, and 3) a super-majority of residents who just come here to party on weekends.

Another member compared this tripartite political typology at The Sea Ranch to the Republican, Democrat, and Green parties. Just not respectively or in any particular order.

Someone asked the Listserv how one might, theoretically, address short-term renters and “weekenders” that use their yard as a short-cut to a “major” street. The general consensus was that motion-activated lion sounds and sprinkler systems are the best deterrent.

One member thanked everyone for the pleasantness of the Listserv over the past few weeks. But nobody on the Listerv thanked The Sea Ranch Reader editors.

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